Otr homegrown


Learn about the food we eat, local plants, and urban gardening in a variety of activities led by volunteers from OTR Homegrown, a thriving urban garden in OTR.

Presented by OTR Homegrown https://www.facebook.com/OTRHomeGrown or http://www.otrhomegrown.com/.

OTR Homegrown was established in 2009 by neighborhood residents, with a goal to show the community that we could secure our own local, naturally-grown, nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables with a little hard work and training. We try to teach community members the basics of home gardening to show them that every neighborhood could take an empty, overgrown lot and produce their own food while beautifying the neighborhood by establishing a working green-space. Today it has evolved into a meeting space to share gardening ideas, and we strive to become a model of what every neighborhood in Cincinnati could reproduce - a working garden that can not only support a farmer financially but also support a neighborhood with fresh food.